Have you ever hopped on motorbike as local people;

Do you want to immerse into local life in Saigon-HoChiMinh city;

Do you want to eat local food as locals;

Price/person VND AUD USD
Adult: 920.000 58 40
teenager(7-10 y/o) 650.000 42 28
Kid (4-6 y/o) 370.000 24 16

Note: it will be free for kid under 3 year old

Type of Tour - Departure - Transportation
Type of Tour: Private Tour
Departure: 5PM or flexible as request
Transportation: Private motorbike each
  • Pick up at hotel at 5pm;
  • Then you will catch in act and get stuck with so many motorbikes on streets after working hours;
  • Stop at local rice wine House to try 3 types home-made rice wine that made by local people:
    1. Vietnamese Rice Wine
    2. Snake Rice Wine and learn why we call Happy drink!!!
    3. Banana Rice Wine
  • Ride through the alleyways to see authentic local life;
  • Then you will drive throughout at Nguyen Thien Thuat Department built in 1968 then immerse into local life and have special course of Pho Ga- Chicken noodle (4) with special sauce;
  • Keep passing through biggest flower market of Ho Thi Ki Street in district 10 with thousands kinds of flowers with many colors bright; and see narrow houses;
  • You can join small cooking to grill coconut rice cracker and taste it;
  • Next stop will be at Su Van Hạnh Department to get touch with local life; and have
    1. local beer of Saigon or 333 since 1875 (7);
    2. Beef BBQ wrapped by betal leaf(8)
    3. Pork Sausage grilled with lemongrass taste (9);
    4. Pancake (10);
    5. Big tray of Vegetble and learn concept of Vietnamese people in eating(11);
    6. Noodle and raw banana – star fruits(12) ;
  • Riding on bike to fashion road of Nguyen Trai street just for local people only, no tourists;
  • Heading to district 4 and enjoy how local people spend time on street at night;
  • Stop at for taste Banh Mi – Vietnamese bakery (13),  important part of life and learn why or Bakery different from French even our bakergy is from French in original;
  • Last stop will be dessert of cake (14) and cheer together;
  • After all, we will ride back to you hotel;
  • All food and drink mentioned in the itinerary;
  • English speaking Guide;
  • Motorbike; Driver and helmet each;
  • Poncho;
  • Hand Sanitizer;
  • Smile of local people;
  • Chance to talke with local people;
  1. Vietnamese Rice Wine;
  2. Snake Rice Wine and learn why we call Happy drink!!!
  3. Banana Rice Wine;
  4. Pho Ga- Chicken noodle;
  5. Demonstration of Coconut rice cracker
  6. Local beer of Saigon or 333 since 1875;
  7. Beef BBQ wrapped by betal leaf;
  8. Pork Sausage grilled with lemongrass taste;
  9. Pancake;
  10. Huge bunch of Vegetble and learn concept of Vietnamese people in eating;
  11. Noodle and raw banana – star fruits;
  12. Banh Mi – Vietnamese bakery;
  13. Dessert of cake
  14. Special recipe of sauce;
  15. Sugar cane juice or ora

Note:  We can customise menu of food and itinerary as you request

  • We co-operate and support local people to increase their income;
  • Tour places are very unique and very local that tourists can not find;
  • We have a big passion and would love to share with all of tourist local food and vietnamese food;
  • All guides and drivers are training skilled;
  • We are local people and would love to share with you local life;
  • Travel insurence (please update your detail at least 4 day for insurence except sunday and saturday)

Is it safe to sit on motorbike/scooters?

***yes, it is:

@ The guide will show how to get on/off motorbike;

@ The speed will be around 20-30 km/h;

@ We also offer helmet each person;

@The driver is very skillful;

Is it safe for kids?

*** Yes. it is. The kid can sit in the middle with parent;

How many hours for tour?

*** it will last from 3-4 hours

How many districts are there in the tour?

*** There are 4 districts of 1, 3, 4, 5, 10 during tour

What will i get involved in each district?

*** yes, it will be changed in each district

  • District 1: you will catch in act of traffic jam, few thousand of motorbike after working hours; and the most busy downtown in HCM city.
  • District 3: Local life of local people in old apartment;
  • District 4: Drink and singing area for local people;
  • District 5: Shopping are for local people
  • District 10: Biggest flower market and famous local food for local people;

Does this tour include insurance for travellers?

***Yes, it does.

@Please update least 6 days before tours for insurence (except sunday and saturday) as your detail (according to BAOMINH INSURANCE CORPORATION regulations):

  1. Fullname
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Gender
  4. Nationality
  5. Passport number

Why the tour start at bit ealier than other tours company?

  1. We really want you to see:
  2. Rush hour and get a bit stuck with motorbike/scooter
  3. See transition between afternoon and night so that you can see the differences;
  4. You will go local places, non tourists during the tour;
  5. Best time to have have BEST FOOD;
  6. Save energy for next day tour;