Do you want to see local life in early morning?

Do you want to touch local people and taste local food?

You will explore by cyclerickshaw?

Price/person VND AUD USD
Adults 909.000 58 40
Children 747.000 46 32

Child (4-6 y/o): USD 10 =VND230.000

* This is private tour at lesat 2 people
* Kid 4-6 y/o will sit with parent on cyclerickshaw

Taxi- Cycle Rickshaw- Local Bus
Type of Tour:
Private tour
Departure at:
7AM or 7.30PM
    • Duration: 4 hours

    • Pickup you at hotel in districts of 1,3,4,10 or in front of Pho 2000 opposite Ben Thanh Market.

    • Then take taxi to Ve Chai local market; walk throughout market to see local activities; 

    • Stop DO PHU coffee shop next to the market. You can learn how to make Vietnamese coffee then taste them. When you have coffee and hear mixture of horning of motorbike and talking local ladies; 

    • You can visit the Srecet tunnel that was built in 1968s in the city center and learn its history in Vietnam War.  

    • Then we will take Cyclo Rickshaw ( Xich Lo in Vietnamese) to:

      * Local life in old apartment and on street;
      * China town;
      * Market of motorbike accessories;
      * Bird market; herbal street;
      * Lantern street;
      * Fruit market to taste fresh one from garden;
      * Whole sale of cigarette street;
      * Fish-keeping street;

    • Hop off cyclo rickshaw and say good bye to drivers to have cool local beer or cool drink and learn how to cheer.
    • Walk to visit Goddess of Sea (Thien Hau pagoda) and learn the architecture of Chinese people in Saigon in 1760s;
    • We will take local bus of No. 6 with aricondition as local people to another bus station.
    • Then the guide will take you back to hotel by taxi;
    • Cycle Rickshaw around 2 hours;
    • Cold Water;
    • Cold Beer each; 
    • Ticket of bus station;
    • English speaking guide;
    • Vietnamese Coffee;
    • Taxi fee from hotel to Tao Dan park and from Ben Thanh market to your hotel;
    • Free pickup and drop off at your hotel in district 1, 3, 10, 4;
    • We co-operate and support local people to increase their income;
    • Tour places are very unique and very local that tourists can not find;
    • We have a big passion and would love to share with all of tourist local food and vietnamese food;
    • All guides and drivers are training skilled;
    • We are local people and would love to share with you local life;
    • Travel insurence (please update your detail at least 1 day for insurence except sunday and saturday)
  • Is it safe to sit on cycle rickshaw? 

    ***yes, it is:

    @ The speed will be around 10km/h;

    @ The driver is very skillful;

    Is it safe for kids? 

    *** Yes. it is.

    @ The kid can sit in the middle with parent; or 

    @ Kid can sit alone

    How many hours for tour?

    *** it will last from 4-5 hours