Have you ever hopped on motorbike as local people; before?

Do you want to immerse into local life in Saigon-Ho Chi Minh in the morning?;

Adult Teenage

(sit with

USD 24 20 12
AUD 35 29 17
VND 560.000 466.000 279.000

Motorbike & Walking
Type of Tour:
Private tour
Departure at:
    • Pick up at 7.45am in the morning at your hotel  by guides with motorbike;
    • Ride on back of bike with a few thousand motorbike around. You can listen to the horn of bike;

    • You will pass biggest flower market of Sagon with huge of flowers; learn how local people decorate vase of flowers and sell them; 

    • Stop at local apartments of Nguyen Thien Thuat very busy and local. You will walk around to immerse into local life;
    • Then we will drive you through alley just for 1 motorbike;
    • Stop at local coffee shop of Do Phu, very traditional decoration of Vietnamese in 1960s.
    • You can make coffee by yourself; taste orginal Vietnamese coffee and look around local life.
    • You will learn the history of Mr. Tran Van Lai who fought South Vietnam in 1968. His fighting attacked The Reuninification Palace in 1968;
    • The driver will take you to Jade Pagoda to take photos of the big statue of jade glued from papers in 20th century and learns legends to have BABIES!
    • Ride on back of bike to pier of water bus before 10.10 AM to hop on hydrofoil bus (depart at 10.25am) along Saigon River.  Relax on boat and taste local beer of 333 since 1875s.

    • You can see LANDMARK 81 Building which highest building in Vietnam and take photos of the life of local people along Saigon River; 

      You will meet your guides again at last pier of Bach Dang around 10.50AM

    • Ride on back of motorbike back to your hotel;

    • Say good bye with full of smile; 


    • Cold water;
    • Cold beer;
    • English speaking Guide;
    • Motorbike; Driver and helmet each;
    • Poncho;
    • Smile of local people;
    • Chance to talke with local people;
    • Ticket of Secret tunnel; 
    • Orginal Coffee
    • We co-operate and support local people to increase their income;
    • Tour places are very unique and very local that tourists can not find;
    • We have a big passion and would love to share with all of tourist local food and vietnamese food;
    • All guides and drivers are training skilled;
    • We are local people and would love to share with you local life;
    • Travel insurence (please update your detail at least 1 day for insurence except sunday and saturday)
  • Is it safe to sit on motorbike? 

    ***yes, it is:

    @ The guide will show how to get on/off motorbike;

    @ The speed will be around 20-30 km/h;

    @ We also offer helmet each person;

    @The driver is very skillful;

    Is it safe for kids? 

    *** Yes. it is. The kid can sit in the middle with parent;

    How many hours for tour?

    *** it will last from 3-4 hours

    How many districts are there in the tour?

    *** There are 4 districts of 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, Binh Thanh district during tour

    What will i get involved in each district?

    *** yes, it will be changed in each district

    • District 1: you will catch in act of traffic jam, few thousand of motorbike after working hours; and the most busy downtown in HCM city. 
    • District 3: Local life of local people in old apartment; famous for local Banh Mi and rice wine;
    • District 4: Drink and singing area for local people;
    • District 5: Shopping are for local people
    • District 10: Biggest flower market and famous local food for local people;

    Does this tour include insurance for travellers?

    ***Yes, it does.

    @Please update least 6 days before tours for insurence (except sunday and saturday) as your detail (according to BAOMINH INSURANCE CORPORATION regulations):

    1. Fullname
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Gender
    4. Nationality
    5. Passport number