If you do not want to do motorbike, You can do walking food tour;

Do you want to immerse into local life in Saigon in the alleyways;

Do you want to eat local food as locals;


Adult: USD 32= AUD 46= VND 746.000

Teenager(7-11 y/o): USD 27 = AUD 39= VND 652.000

Child (4-6 y/o): USD 15 = AUD 22= VND 350.000

Taxi& Walking
Type of Tour:
Private tour
Departure at:
5PM or Flexible
    • Duration: 3-4 hours

    • Pickup you at hotel in districts of 1,3,4,10 or in front of Pho 2.000 opposite Ben Thanh Market by TAXI to District 3; 
    • Stop at Local Rice Wine Store to try 3 types home-made rice wine that made by local people
    1. Vietnamese Rice Wine
    2. Snake Rice Wine and learn why we drink snake wine!!
    3. Banana Rice Wine
    • You will learn and immerse into authentic local life in ALLEYS or HEM (Vietnamese language) that you can not do by yourself;
    • Walk through very narrow of other HEM, just 1 motorbike only get stuck there;
    • You will pass Hem no. 51 selling second hand market of shoes; jacket; and bags for locals people or students shopping;
    • Keeping  walking an other Hem of District 3, then stop at local place for Banh Mi- Vietnamese Bakery at local Bakery Store of Ngoc Chau which has more than 20 years experience and you get chance to talk with local people by yourself;
    • Walk through HEM to immerse authentic local life of NGUYEN THIEN THUAT Apartment built 1968 then climb up to see the whole view of local life and talk with local people;
    • Taste famous food: PHO BO- BEEF OR CHICKEN NOODLE with pickle soya sauce and learn the story of Pho and local tea;
    • Keep walking to see local life to Ho Thi Ky biggest flower market;
    • Then join small cooking class of  RICE CRACKER from Mekong Delta; and Vietnam pizza with special recipe;
    • Then you will learn to make COCONUT ICE CREAM or CHE (SWEET FROM FRUITS OR BEANS) more than 40 year great reputation and taste them;
    • Then you will go back your hotel or meeting point by taxi
    • All food and drink in the Itinerary;
    • English Speaking Guide;
    •  Transportation;
    • Free pickup and drop off at your hotel in districts 1,3,10,4.
    • Clean of local food;
    • Smile of guide and local people; 
    • Interact with local people;
    • Travel insurence (please update your detail at least 4 day for insurence except sunday and saturday)
    • 3 types home-made rice wine that made by local people;
    • BANH MI (Vietnamese baguette); 
    • PHO BO- BEEF OR CHICKEN NOODLE with pickle soya sauce;
    • Vietnam ice tea;
    • Vietnamese Pizza;
    • Rice paper with coconut;
    • Coconut Ice cream or sweet of 5 kinds of bean;
    • We co-operate and support local people to increase their income;
    • Tour places are very unique and very local that tourists can not find;
    • We have a big passion and would love to share with all of tourist local food and vietnamese food;
    • All guides and drivers are training skilled;
    • We are local people and would love to share with you local life;
    • Travel insurence (please update your detail at least 4 day for insurence except sunday and saturday)
  • Is food street safe for tourists? 

    ***yes, it is:

    @ All food was cooked well;

    @ All most places are clean;

    Is food good for stomach? 

    *** Yes. it is. that is reason why  we offer you to local wine that helps your stomach

    How many hours for tour?

    *** it will last from 3-4 hours

    Does this tour include insurance for travellers?

    ***Yes, it does.

    @Please update least 6 days before tours for insurence (except sunday and saturday) as your detail (according to BAOMINH INSURANCE CORPORATION regulations):

    1. Fullname
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Gender
    4. Nationality
    5. Passport number